Japan lengthens the state of emergency with almost three months to go before the olympic games. Infections in the country are around an average of 5,300 daily. Japanese citizens are calling for games to be delayed for fear of virus growth.

Japan is experiencing a new wave of infections just 80 days after the Olympic games begin. With its sights set on the macro sporting event, the Japanese country has increased the number of regions in a state of emergency and has extended it until May 31 .

The Prime Minister , Yoshihide Suga , confirmed Friday that departments Aichi (center) and Fukuoka (southwest) join in the emergency state they were in Tokyo and three prefectures of Osaka , Kyoto and Hyogosince the end of April. The idea of ​​the Japanese Government is to adopt these additional measures to try to stop the increase in infections registered in these areas.

“The movement of people in Tokyo and Osaka has been achieved or reduced . However, there are still new infections that are putting pressure on the entire medical system in Osaka and Hyogo,” Suga explained when announcing the new measures.

The new restrictions are lighter than in other countries and consist of the closure of bars and restaurants that serve alcohol under penalty of a fine as well as forcing businesses, such as department stores , to lower their blinds. In any case, the Government has also explained that certain measures related to businesses will be relaxed to try to improve the economic situation of the country.

Although this new wave is not being as strong as in other places, the country is having an average of 5,300 infections a day . “We are not in a situation in which we can lift the state of emergency . I think we should extend it,” insisted the governor of Tokyo , Yuriko Koike .

Against the olympic games
Most of the Japanese citizens are opposed to holding the Olympic games this summer for fear of a worsening of the COVID situation . In different surveys that they have been conducting for a few months, the Japanese ask that they be postponed again to maintain health security.

The organizers of the event have already announced that the entry of the public from abroad will be prohibited and they have not yet decided what will happen to the local public . This week they launched an online petition entitled Cancel the Olympics to protect our livesand has already accumulated more than 200,000 signatures. Similarly, in a hospital in the capital, workers have hung a sign that reads: ” Impossible Olympic Games .”

From the organization of the sporting event they have also wanted to comment on the matter. The head of world athletics , Sebastian Coe , has visited the country to do a marathon test in Sapporo, to the north and there he has expressed his concern about the ” difficult times ” that Japan faces. Added to this is the difficulties that the Olympic torch relay is having , with many runners refusing to participate.

For her part, the president of Tokyo-2020 , Seiko Hashimoto , has commented that she will welcome the president of the International Olympic Committee , Thomas Bach, but it will be “difficult” to organize your visit.

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