British Conservatives conquer a fiefdom in the hands of Labor for 57 years. Hartlepool is a new step for the Tory in their advance into the northern red belt. Boris Johnson is drawing votes that in the past had belonged to Nigel Farage.

The Conservative Party of Boris Johnson continues to destroy the old fortresses of Labor . The first results of the elections held on Thursday confirm the drastic change in British politics, which was already seen in the general elections of 2019 .

The best illustration of this new era has been the landslide victory of the Conservatives at Hartlepool, a Labor seat in the British Parliament for half a century . The Tory candidate , Jill Mortimer , has made history with 15,529 votes, or 51.8%, almost double that obtained by her Labor rival,Paul Williams .

The result is a great moral and political blow for the leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer , who has been in office for a year and should have gained ground now, when in reality the opposite is happening. The internal revolt is already underway.

A one-seat victory seems small for all the fuss, but it shows a pattern , which is repeated in similar places in the so-called red belt , the long- dismantled former industrialized areas of England . As the count of local elections progresses, it will become clear that the same phenomenon is repeated in municipalities in those same areas, which go from red to blue .

Brexit votes
Boris Johnson is absorbing the large votes that in the last general election went to Nigel Farage, the Brexit Party and the UKIP , now disappeared. In Hartlepool, in the northeast of England, those who supported these formations at the polls in 2019 were one in four voters.

Now that fury against Europe is capitalized by Johnson. The prime minister appeared represented, even before the result was known, by a giant inflatable ball making the gesture of victory at the door of the premises in Hartlepool where the count took place.

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