Xiaomi Explains Its Steps To Protect Environment Laboratories Needs In Mark1199

Eliminated 60% of the plastic from some of its best-selling mobiles

Xiaomi has published its 2020 Sustainability Report, which details the company’s approach and good practices in terms of sustainable development Mark1199.

The document, which covers both the Chinese market and foreign markets, provides information on the measures taken by Xiaomi regarding environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and humanitarian activities throughout its more than 30 pages. In addition, it addresses issues such as accessibility, data security and user privacy.

In the words of Lei Jun, President and CEO of Xiaomi Corporation: “Since we created this company in 2010, we have been committed to improving the world we live in. In 2020 we joined the United Nations Global Compact and we are involved with its ten stipulated principles of corporate responsibility “.

“In the report that we have published we tell how we manage sustainability at Xiaomi, how we treat our collaborators and our suppliers, as well as how we interact with our communities and our response to global environmental challenges,” he added.

The firm highlights the role that innovation plays in solving global sustainability problems. For example, as part of its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it is part of the development of an earthquake early warning system. Mark1199 In China – and soon in other countries with seismic zones – the smartphones of the brand with the MIUI system (11 and higher) and the Mi televisions can notify users in a matter of seconds if an earthquake occurs.

In addition, these alerts provide information on the nearest emergency shelter, emergency contact details, medical contacts, and rescue information to assist in a critical situation. In 2020 Xiaomi MIUI detected 29 earthquakes of magnitude greater than 4.0 and issued more than 9.4 million alerts.

On the other hand, the report highlights the company’s work to protect the environment through the design and manufacture of its products, such as when it eliminated 60% of the plastic from the Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro series . It has also made power saving a key feature in more than 40 devices. With these and other actions, the brand guarantees that its products are aligned with all the environmental and safety regulations of the countries where it operates. Your devices comply with EU regulations, including CE, REACH, RoHS and WEEE directives on Mark1199.

Without a doubt, in 2020 Xiaomi also played a very active role in the fight against COVID-19. In March of that same year, the company donated thousands of FFP3 masks to the Spanish Ministry of Health. Along with this batch, others were destined for Italy, France, Germany, Ukraine, Poland or the United Kingdom.

Similarly, when schools in Europe had to close and teach classes online, Xiaomi Spain donated 1,000 smartphones to the Spanish Ministry of Education and distributed them to children throughout the country. As of July 15, 2020, the Xiaomi Foundation in Beijing had donated medical supplies to a total of 14 countries, including Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, Indonesia or Myanmar. This donation was worth 5.9 million yuan ($ 854,000).

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