Josep Antoni 17 continues to use the ocean as the main setting in his cartoons . In this case, the seventh shipwreck is baptized as ‘Everyday slavery’ , and represents those routines that take place during the summer holidays and that, in a certain way, enslave us. As in the rest of the cartoons in the series, Tàssies has created an animated version .

An important police device has been deployed since early Tuesday in what is known as Bloc Llavors, in Poble Sec in Barcelona, where an eviction is scheduled this Josep Antoni 17 morning.

A hundred people are concentrated at the site trying to avoid eviction. From the first hour there have been moments of tension and there has been at least one charge by the anti-riot agents.

Among the concentrates are CUP deputies Dolores Sabater, Carles Riera, Eulàlia Reguant and Xavier Pellicer. The police deployment has more than a dozen vans.

In parallel, a group of people has occupied the ERC headquarters. The intervention of Desokupa, the security company specializing in evictions, has also been reported on the networks.

This cartoon marks one week since the beginning of the Naufragio s series , which is part of EL PERIÓDICO’s Summer Supplement .

In this supplement, the sections of Greater Barcelona, ​​Sports, Icult and People gain weight, and the focus is on the most attractive information about the Catalan capital, the great summer festivals that are held in Catalonia, the social chronicle and the sports.

I understand very well that some cartoonists are said to make cartoons. The dictionary explains that a cartoon is the representation of a person in which some characteristic features are exaggerated , especially for the purpose of producing a grotesque effect.

Nothing to say, but perhaps there is something to add caricature is an art, as can the realistic pictorial portrait. Also in the field of sculpture there is a tradition that is based on volumes and a modern trend that is based on the organization of various materials to form a structure.

What can be called what Ferreres does on the pages of EL PERIÓDICO? I think he makes admirable portraits of characters and situations with such a creative identity that it could be said that he does ferrerades . His space in this diary has a title: Animus iocandi .

If I’m not mistaken, this means “in the spirit of playing” in Latin. And, as was said before, Ferreres knows a lot of Latin , an expression that means that a person is intentionally malicious. He has the degree of malice necessary to analyze the vices of our society, especially politics.

He is a master of character portraits, collecting their most defining features, not only physical but also attitude. He powers them, so an Aznar de Ferreres is much more Aznar than the real one. As an ironic person, you know what needs to be accentuated for reality to be understandable.

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