The Twenty Seven Seek To Enhance The Social Agenda

vThe EU Heads of State and Government meet in Porto to renew their pact with the pillar of social rights and place it at the center of the recovery.

European leaders will also discuss the possibility of temporarily suspending patents for covid vaccines. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will take advantage of the meeting to present his vision on the social model that Europe needs and the measures to re-float employment.

The green and digital transformation will mark the recovery in the coming decades, the way forward in Europe, but the EU Heads of State and Government do not forget the need to promote a more social and inclusive Europe in parallel .

To do this, they will renew their commitment to the European social rights pillar this Friday and Saturday during a Summit in Porto (Portugal), the first physical they have held since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which will bring together social partners during its first day to talk about employment , training and social welfare .

The appointment, which Angela Merkel (Germany), Mark Rutte (Netherlands) and Robert Abela (Malta) will follow by videoconference due to the restrictions by the covid, will serve the Twenty-seven to reiterate the commitment to the 20 principles of the European social pillar proclaimed three and a half years ago at the Gothenburg summit.

It will also allow European leaders, such as Spanish President Pedro Sánchez , to present their vision of how his Government sees the most social Europe and how it should be reflected in the recovery.

Sánchez , who has presented two contributions, will speak at the panel dedicated to employment . It will reaffirm its commitment to social dialogue and “a dynamic and inclusive labor market” although it will also admit the “structural scourge” that continues to be unemployment. “It is the moment to fight against unemployment taking advantage of the recovery plan to transform the economy”, explain government sources.

For Spain, move towards a more social Europe means protecting the social rights , minimum European standards create, facilitate the revitalization of areas with declining populations, create quality jobs and eliminate barriers to the incorporation of women’s labor market.

Among the list of proposals defended by the Government, the main one is the creation of a European unemployment reinsurance mechanism as “a permanent instrument for stabilizing the economy and supporting employment.”

Three goals for 2030
He also advocates giving the definitive push to several of the proposals blocked in the European Council by the division among the Twenty-seven: The creation of a European minimum wage of 60% of the average wage as well as a standard of wage transparency “essential” to achieve real and effective equality between men and women.

Although the draft of the final declaration negotiated by the Twenty-seven does not commit to either of these two files, it does mention the need to achieve three goals by 2030.

In the first place, raising the employment rate to 78%, which implies “reducing the gender gap by half, more investments in training so that at least 60% of adults participate in activities of this type each year, and reduce the number of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion by at least 15 million.

The summit also calls on the 27 to set national targets that take into account the starting point of each Member State and establish a framework to assess progress.

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