UK Maintains A Quarantine For Those Traveling From Spain

The British will still have to wait to be able to go on vacation to Spain unless they are willing to spend ten days in isolation at home on their return to the UK, in addition to passing several tests.

In the updated classification of international travel published by the British government and illustrated with traffic lights, there are very few destinations that appear on the green list , only 12, which you can go to from 17 May, without having to go through a quarantine period .

Portugal, Gibraltar, Malta, Israel and Iceland are some to which you can now travel freely. According to the transport minister, Grant Shapps, that classification will be revised at any time if circumstances change.

Spain is in the amber light peloton along with France, Greece, and Italy, pending a new examination on June 28 . Boris Johnson opts for a very cautious strategy, although some members of his government and the heads of the aviation and tourism industry advocate a further reopening of the borders, given the massive success of vaccination among the British.

The final of the Champions compromised
To the red list, where are the countries to which it is prohibited to travel, mostly from South America and Africa, three more are now added, Nepal, Maldives and Turkey . The inclusion of the latter country means that English fans will not be able to travel to Istanbul for the Champions League final, between Manchester City and Chelsea.

According to the BBC, the government is in talks for the match to be held in the UK. Only in very specific circumstances are UK residents allowed to travel to banned countries and upon return is mandatory isolation for ten days in a hotel. Non-residents will be denied entry into the country.

British authorities are afraid that new varieties of the coronavirus strain, resistant to current vaccines, will be imported. The control system is established taking into account the level of vaccination in each country, the importance of mutant agents and the ability to perform tests.

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