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Police Take A Statement From Seven Implicated In Beating Of A Young Man

The police line of investigation focuses on a discussion that originated from the use of a mobile phone

The National Police is closer to clarifying the crime of Samuel Luiz Muñiz , the 24-year-old who died on Saturday in A Coruña after being brutally attacked by a gang of about seven people at three in the morning, when he was leaving party with some friends. Investigators were taking statements on Sunday from several people involved in the event, at least three girls and four boys.

According to sources close to the investigation , the agents have identified the perpetrators of this brutal attack, using the statements of witnesses, including that of one of Samuel’s friends , who was with him at the time of the events, of the content of the security cameras in the area and also the records of a disco that was open, in which it was the second night of the nightlife after the end of the state of alarm, since, due to the coronavirus, they have to have the data of your customers.

As reported by Radio Coruña, the seven people who testified this Sunday are related to the group of aggressors although they are not the only ones from whom the agents need to take testimony, since they have a dozen identified people related to the case.

Late at night, the EFE Agency reported the arrest of thirteen people related to this case, but the Government Delegation indicated that no arrests had yet been made. Sources close to the investigation pointed out that it would not take long to be formalized.

“They took away the only light that illuminated our vine
In the place where the young Samuel Luiz Muñiz was brutally attacked at dawn on Saturday, at the confluence of the promenade with the avenue of Buenos Aires, among colored flowers, a message appeared yesterday stuck on the ground in which he You can read that the father of the deceased thanks the “excellent work of the 061 teams” and also the city of A Coruña for the expressions of affection received, and ends with a “No to violence”. Friends and acquaintances of the young man traveled to the area to place candles and flowers in his memory .

The full text is as follows: “Hello, I am Samuel’s father , I first want to thank the excellent work of the 061 teams for all the effort made regarding the prompt care of our son. They took away the only light that illuminated our life. We know that we are going to have a very long way to go.

We will be supported by our family, friends and colleagues who will help us get out of this dark path. We appreciate all your prayers and expressions of affection. Thank our wonderful city, A Coruña. Thanks from my heart. May God reward all the love you are giving us. A big hug to all of you and we hope that another day as black as the one we are experiencing will never happen again. No to violence ”.

The young man’s father wanted to express with this gesture his gratitude to the health workers and also to the people who, during these difficult days, have supported the family. Samuel, who was buried this Sunday afternoon in the Pastoriza cemetery, since he was a neighbor of Meicende , worked at Padre Rubinos . According to the first investigations, it was about seven people who beat him up, causing severe blows to the head. Finally, despite the fact that the paramedics tried to revive him for two hours, the young Samuel died.

The mayor, Inés Rey, and the deputy delegate of the Government, María Rivas, will meet this Monday at 11:00 a.m. to analyze this tragic event and, at 12:00 p.m. , they will participate in a concentration , in the Plaza de María Pita, to condemn this crime . The Association for Affective and Sexual Freedom A Coruña ( ALAS ) has called another concentration , also for this Monday, at 8:00 p.m., in the same place and for the same reasons.

Those affected by the expansion of the hospital and the health workers who demonstrated on Sunday from A Palloza to María Pita wanted to show their rejection of this attack and did so by keeping a minute of silence before reading the manifesto they had written to close their protest.

For now, what is officially known is that the young man had gone out to party with some friends and, around three in the morning, was attacked by a group of young people who gave him a brutal beating .

According to the first investigations, the attack was due to the fact that the young man was using his mobile to make a video call to the boyfriend of a friend who was with him and, then, one of the gang members tried to take away the phone and then, between they all gave him a fatal beating .

Friends of the deceased began yesterday, a campaign on social networks with the label Justice for Samuel , in which they link the aggression with a homophobic attack , since the victim was homosexual, although official sources neither confirm nor deny this point, since the Proceedings, carried out by the Court of Instruction number 8 of A Coruña , which was on duty this weekend, have been declared secret.

ALAS A Coruña expressed in a statement its “maximum condemnation” of this crime and trusts that the State Security Forces and Bodies “thoroughly investigate this case of extreme violence” so that “hatred does not go unpunished”.

The association, which coordinates the Coruñés Observatory against LGTBIphobia, warns of episodes of violence against the members of the group, such as the appearance of stickers with transphobic messages and also the attack on a homosexual couple in Monte Alto a few days ago.

The Justice for Samuel label immediately went viral on social networks and today, the ministers Irene Montero and Yolanda Díaz, showed their condemnation of this crime. Also artists such as Alejandro Sanz or Ismael Serrano expressed rejection.

Thirteen people have been arrested for their alleged direct or indirect relationship with the death early Saturday in A Coruña of a 24-year-old man from Culleredo who worked as a nursing assistant at the Padre Rubinos Foundation.

The police line of investigation focuses on an argument that originated from the use of a mobile phone . Those arrested, identified and whose statements are being taken, are at the Lonzas barracks.

Minutes before the attack occurred, the deceased boy, Samuel, was accompanied by a friend with whom he was making a video call , which could cause confusion in another group of young people and which would have caused the fatal discussion and the beginning of the extremely violent attacks. .

According to police sources, the young man had several bruises and significant blows to the head , which required the intervention of 061 for two hours to try to revive the man, although the death finally occurred at the University Hospital Complex of A Coruña (CHUAC ), in which he entered, although in critical condition.

Before the arrival of the ambulance that treated the victim, he received citizen assistance from several people who were at that time near the scene of the event; These people have declared to the police this morning how they were part of the events that they were able to observe.

The police have been able to quickly confirm, via mobile phones, the identity of most of the attackers , the majority of whom are of legal age.

All of them, the sources have specified, are being questioned separately to contrast the versions offered by each one about the case, of which the secrecy of the proceedings has been decreed.

Among the charges that could be imputed to the detainees for having participated in a tumultuous fight would be, the sources consulted have advanced, omission of assistance and having participated as necessary cooperators in the aggression, in addition to implicating the perpetrator or perpetrators of the aggression for homicide that caused the death of the young man of Brazilian origin.

Samu’s father, Maxsoud Luiz, has left a written message in the place where the young man was badly injured with which he wanted to thank 061’s work “for all the effort made” and has expressed the family’s pain because ” They took away the only light that illuminated our lives; we know that we are going to have a very long way to go; we will be supported by our family, friends and colleagues who will help us to get out of this dark path “.

Among the eight pictures written by the father of the murdered young man, Maxsoud Luiz has stated that he is grateful for “all your prayers and expressions of affection; to thank our wonderful city, A Coruña; thank you from the heart; may God reward all the affection that you have given us offering, a very strong hug to all and we hope that another day as black as the one we are living will never happen again, “he has written on the sidewalk of Avenida Buenos Aires.

There are many groups in the city of A Coruña that have expressed their total indignation and rejection of this violent attack and another concentration has been announced this Monday at 12:00 in the Plaza de María Pita to support the relatives of the victim and to which a great reaction of the citizenship is expected condemning the violence .

Before the rally as a sign of rejection, called by the city council of A Coruña, the mayor of the city, Inés Rey, will meet with the government sub-delegate to “reinforce cooperation in citizen security and analyze first-hand the results of the Investigations of the event that occurred on Saturday “, as explained in a note by the A Coruña consistory.

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