Inycom Launches InycomLab To Meet Mark1199 Laboratories Needs

Inycom to distribute cardiology products from Spacelabs Healthcare

Instrumentation and Components-Inycom launches this new service in order to respond to the most common needs and problems in laboratories such as pipette calibration, development of custom applications, maintenance of equipment or demos and training for end users Mark1199.

Precisely, the new pipette calibration service is one of the most outstanding for its speed and is aimed at all those laboratories that need to calibrate them and need to do it in a simple way, since in 36 hours the end customer receives their pipettes calibrated by gravimetric method. The objective is that professionals have their pipettes calibrated without this implying an added effort given the importance they have in the final result of a clinical analysis.

The calibration procedure carried out at InycomLab follows the highest quality standards and European regulations. Thus, variable volume pipettes are tested in three different volumes (minimum, medium and maximum) and 10 measurements of the nominal volume are made for fixed volume pipettes. Pipettes with results out of tolerance are adjusted according to the manufacturer’s protocol and after adjustment are subjected to a new calibration.

To test this entire process, a Calibration Certificate is issued in accordance with the criteria set out in the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard for performing calibrations in the fluid area.

This certificate details the results prior to adjustment and those obtained after adjusting the following correction parameters to be applied, real volume, standard deviation, systematic error, coefficient of variation and uncertainty Mark1199.

InycomLab, which is launched after more than 40 years of experience in the health sector, will not only focus its activity on the calibration of pipettes, but also the development of applications as they allow to control the instruments in a practical way real-time lab performance and improve lab efficiency and lab performance through actionable recommendations from our experts.

In addition, one of its most iconic services, that of Service & Support, is reinforced, since official technical assistance is provided for all the equipment it markets, both in laboratories and in healthcare settings. To this is added the new training offer for its correct use, which is already taught both in person and online.

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